Our company is a family business founded in 1907, however, the largest steps of development have taken place during the last 20 years.

We have concentrated on this location in Upper Franconia to take advantage of its logistic benefits. As our new building with a size of 5,000 square metres has been finished, we now produce on a space of 30,000 square metres with 330 Dornier weaving machines. The daily capacity is about 45,000 metres.

Apart from the considerable capacity, the fact that all ranges of production are available offers a great advantage. These include the departments yarn production (doubling mill), weaving, printing, finishing and final presentation.

Our warehouse with high shelves contains a wide range of stock and ensures immediate supply.

A strong argument for our company is the broad collection of fabrics.

We produce:

  • organza curtains
  • gauze curtains
  • voile curtains
  • coloured in-betweens
  • printed curtains
  • batistes
  • curtaining fabrics with natural fibres
  • pieced-dyed fabrics
  • printed furnishing fabrics
  • coloured woven jacquards and furnishing fabrics.

Due to our own studio, we are able to realise express wishes or your own, special designs within short time.

As standard, we deliver our products in bales or rolls of 33m each. However, if required, you can order other quantities at any time.

We would be glad if you have become interested in our company. If necessary, we would be pleased to arrange for a visit of our sales representative at short notice.

Contact Persons

Martin Buchta

Executive Partner

Dirk Langnickel

Sales Manager

Maximilian Buchta

Executive Partner

Udo Schmidt

Technical Manager

Frank Goller

Sales Coordinator

Hohmann Quality since 1907

With over 100 years of experience, more than 100 staff members and 330 Dornier-looms Hohmann produces over 20 million square meters of fabrics per day. Quality and flexibility always being of the upmost importance.

„Just like children seem to learn to speak by themselves only needing the right surroundings, so has our expertise evolved over the course of time. New processes begin as if by themselves just because the time has come for them to do so.“

Martin Buchta, managing director

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